Certifications and Affiliations

ISO 9001:2015 certified

We believe that leadership and excellence in supplying our customers with quality products is essential to our long-term competitiveness. This is the core message around which our quality management system, ISO 9001:2015, evolved.

To ensure continuous improvement of the vital processes, the ISO system is regularly verified by third party auditors. Our third party auditor is SGS INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION SERVICES INC. We are committing the necessary resources to ensure our products and services meet or exceed customer expectations, and we are proud of not having encountered any major quality issues with our customers.

Useful Links

We realize the importance of membership in industry associations. Not only do these associations act as regulators in terms of ethical practices, they provide a forum for sharing ideas, as well as negotiating and mediating with government bodies. In order to give you access to general information about the industry, we have provided you with links to the following trade associations.

Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA)

CCSPA is a trade association representing the specialty chemical and formulated products industry. We promote the interests of member companies by providing a national voice, encouraging ethical practices, negotiating with government and fostering industry cooperation.
Website: www.ccspa.org

Canadian Hardware & Housewares Manufacturers Association (CHHMA)

CHHMA is a national non-profit organization comprised of over 200 companies who manufacture and distribute hardware and housewares products. Lobby efforts are a major part of the Association’s mandate; the CHHMA also hosts numerous business functions, social events and networking opportunities each year providing significant value to its members.
Website: www.chhma.ca

Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA)

The Consumers Specialty Products Association (CSPA, formerly the Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association) represents more than 200 formulators, packagers and suppliers of formulated products for home and commercial use in the United States.
Website: www.cspa.org

International Tar Association (ITA)

The International Tar Association based in Brussels, Belgium provides commercial and technical support to companies involved in the production and processing of coal tar and its derivatives. Member companies are based in North America, Asia and Europe.
Website: www.itaorg.com

Naphthalene Council, Washington, DC

Recochem is a chartered member of the Naphthalene Council which was formed to coordinate technical research and to monitor regulatory developments on naphthalene in North America.


Recochem actively supports and is a member of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Associations:

Recochem participates in North America’s largest Trade Automotive Aftermarket Show: