Napierville Refineries, Inc.

Located 50 kilometres south of Montreal, Recochem’s refining operations have access to major Canadian and US highway and rail connections. In operation since 1960, Napierville Refineries underwent a major expansion in 1985 and a further expansion in 2001. These expansions provide additional refining capacity to meet the growing demand for various grades of Naphthalene in North America and around the world.

As Canada’s only producer and refiner of Naphthalene, our Napierville facility can process feedstocks of different qualities to produce crude and high purity refined Naphthalene. Our proprietary process is based on crystallization and distillation – a unique process that enables us to operate with complete flexibility and produce Naphthalene from either coal tar or petroleum based feedstocks.

Some major applications of Naphthalene include:

  • Naphthalene — moth repellent
  • Phthalic Anhydride — plasticizers
  • Beta Naphthol — dye intermediates
  • Alpha Naphthol — carbaryl (insecticides)
  • Di-isopropyl Naphthalene — carbonless paper solvent
  • Nafcillin, Naproxen — pharmaceuticals
  • Alkyl Naphthalene Sulphonates — surfactants, concrete, dispersants and superplasticizers

In addition to the production of Naphthalene, Napierville Refineries crystallizes Paradichlorobenzene and distributes Orthodichlorobenzene and Monochlorobenzene in bulk and in drums for world wide use.

The Napierville Refineries site is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is the only site in Quebec with the capability to re-distill used antifreeze to recycle Ethylene Glycol; another example of our commitment to the environment.