Diesel Exhaust Fluid - Blue Network Program

At Recochem, we understand the importance of supplying complete cost effective solutions and providing a comprehensive support network for DEF in the Canadian market place.

Our national Blue Network members have access to uninterrupted supply of DEF liquid and equipment whenever or wherever they’re located in Canada. We harness the supply chain efficiencies of our DEF partners and leverage our purchasing power for liquid, equipment and solutions. We maintain a quality assurance protocol to maintain product integrity throughout the entire supply chain process.

Why join our Diesel Exhaust Fluid Blue Network?

  • Maximize your existing infrastructure
  • Benefit from supply chain savings
  • Improve your ROI
  • Control your distribution..…  Be a Blue Network PARTNER!
  • Purchase DEF bulk liquid from Recochem at best rate possible based on NOLA, ensures you are always competitive

A. Complete Distributor

Handle all aspects of sales & distribution of our DEF liquids and equipment. We will provide you with the essential sales & marketing tools to support your efforts to the market place. Benefit from delivering, selling, packaging bulk totes and drums of DEF.

B. Delivery Partner/Distributor

Do you have the following?

  • 60KL tank capacity
  • Access to rail siding
  • Warehouse space
  • Equipment to fill drums & totes
  • Equipment installation & service capability
  • Ability to deliver bulk and packaged DEF

Recochem will handle sales and marketing of DEF and streamline orders directly to you; you provide the delivery component.

C. Traditional distributor

  • You have site(s) with valid infrastructure & equipment and are able to sell bulk or packaged products
  • Guaranteed supply of DEF direct to your warehouse from our Blue Network Partners:
    • In package: drums, totes & 2.5G
    • At the pump – Diesel and card-lock sites
    • Bulk

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