Blowmoulding Expertise

We look at every aspect when we blowmould our containers:

  • Unique bottle footprint improves space utilization and visual impact on our customers’ shelves—a consumer-friendly package
  • Sustainability – Structural angles support the load of a lightweight bottle
  • Maximize pallet configuration to eliminate carton over-hang
  • Improve trailer loading and weight
  • Ensure accurate filling of each bottle at each site
  • Maintain a consistent standard size for our labels and sleeves

Design and Testing

From a consumer standpoint, the appearance of the package and ease of use are paramount—especially when dispensing product from our high-density polyethylene bottles. From infield testing, we discovered that it’s easier and faster to pour from the bottle with it turned on its side.

Our blowmoulding and graphic experts added the term “easy side pour,” a simple graphic and ergonomic finger grooves into the mould to effectively communicate the message to the end user.

We partner with expert industrial engineers and HDPE manufacturers to perform top load and drop tests, as well as ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) tests to evaluate the affect of antifreeze and solvents on plastic containers.

We follow up with infield testing by shipping pallets of the containers filled with product across the country and back to ensure the durability of the bottles.


Co-Ex Bottle Technology