Recochem offers RecoTuff™ Cleaners & Degreasers to the Industrial Segment

Recochem is increasing its formulated products offering targeted to industrial cleaning and degreasing needs with a new line of RECOTUFFTM Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers. Developed for end-users in the Industrial Maintenance, Mining, Resource Extraction & Heavy Industry, Automotive PBE (Paint, Body & Equipment) and JAN-SAN segments. This new range of blended hydrocarbon and water-based formulas are fully biodegradable and utilize the latest surfactant and solvent technology to offer a myriad of applications and improved performance compared to “traditional” petroleum distillate based products.

The RECOTUFFTM line-up is available in 18.9 L pail and 205 L drum format with easy to read labels with application icons, making the selection process easier than ever!

Hydrocarbon Solutions

  • Five different cleaning & degreasing products with varying end-use applications ranging from multi-purpose cleaning, engine & heavy duty degreasing to parts washing
  • Non-emulsifying and Self emulisfying formulas applied manually, through pressure spray or used in parts washing dip tanks
  • Mix of Citrus oil, refined hydrocarbons, surfactants and thickeners to effectively remove grease, oil, tar, lubricants and asphalt residues from various hard surfaces

Waterborne Solutions

  • Concentrated surfactant based, alkaline formula
  • Dissolves and removes dirt, grease, oil & grime from a variety of substrates and soiling conditions as found in industrial settings including shop floors
  • Corrosion inhibitors help protect metal surfaces, including aluminum

Automotive PBE Specific

  • Concentrated detergent designed for Automotive & Vehicle Fleet maintenance needs
  • High foaming for use in both mechanical and brushless equipment, as a pre-spray or wand-wash for vehicles/ truck & trailers

Based on proprietary formulas, the RECOTUFFTM Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser products are manufactured at Recochem’s Montréal facility for national distribution.