Prestone® Diesel Fuel Conditioner with Anti-gel

Prestone® Diesel Fuel Conditioner cleans and prevents moisture and deposit formation while providing lubrication to the fuel system for overall corrosion and wear protection. Regular use offers improved fuel economy, resulting in increased power and mileage while reducing harmful emissions. This product is sulphur free and suitable for use with all diesel fuel types, including bio-blends and ultra low sulphur (ULSD) grade.
Note: It will not void vehicle manufacturer’s warranty.

This heavy duty diesel fuel conditioner is especially suited for use in low temperature operations to prevent fuel filter plugging (a result of gelled fuel), which can lead to costly engine down time or inefficient operation. Special cold flow “anti-gel” additives work to reduce pour point (PP) and cold filter plugging point (CFPP) of the fuel promoting better cold start and combustion performance at extreme low temperatures. It mixes readily in diesel fuel and can be handled and applied down to -40°C.

Performance Features & Benefits:

  • Enhances cold temperature engine performance
  • Cleans entire fuel delivery system
  • Improves cetane number rating
  • Provides lubricity improvement
Application: For use in all diesel fuels to enhance performance. For superior winter performance and to combat cold flow concerns and fuel gelling, one bottle treats up to 1200 L of fuel. For routine all season application, each bottle treats 3600 L of fuel.

Product Packaging Specifications


Unit/Case Pack




1.89 L / 6



The Prestone brand is used under sublicense from FRAM Group IP LLC.