Absolute Zëro™ RV Waterline Antifreeze

Absolute ZëroTM RV Waterline Antifreeze provides ultimate protection and care for the pipes and waterlines of motor homes and recreational vehicles. The NeverBurst™ Protection System prevents water system bursts in even the harshest winter weather – it is guaranteed to -60°C, specific for very low temperatures!

Absolute ZëroTM RV Waterline Antifreeze is specially designed with the following advantages:

  • Biodegradable formula; safer for waterways
  • Prevents water system burst
  • Guaranteed to -60°C
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion in metal pipes
  • Lubricates waterlines, pipes and seals (when used as directed)
  • Non-Toxic, Alcohol free
  • Ideal for use in older or brittle RV waterlines
  • Winterizes plastic or metal pipes (except acetate) and RV water heaters

Also appropriate for use in vacation homes, cottages, swimming pools, boats and septic systems, Absolute ZëroTM RV Waterline Antifreeze helps your customers to be ready for the Spring-time and enjoy their leisure RV activities!

How to…

Absolute Zëro with the NeverBurst Protection System, lets you do-it-yourself with absolute confidence. Our step-by-step instructional video will show you how.

Product Packaging Specifications


Unit/Case Pack




3.78 L /4