Deionized Water

Recochem’s Deionized Water helps provide protection against the damaging effects of scale build-up and corrosion often caused by the use of regular water. It is purified water through the process of Reverse Osmosis. This separation technology process involves filtering out particulates, dissolved minerals and salts from the water resulting in a high quality product.

Use Deionized Water for the following applications:

  • cleaning cooling systems once system has been drained of antifreeze
  • diluting Radiator Antifreeze/Coolants and as a top-up to cooling system
  • maintaining automotive lead-acid batteries
  • topping-up car batteries when the battery acid level is low

Recochem’s Deionized Water contains a bittering agent and is not intended for human consumption.

  Container Size Units Carton Size Gross  
Item # Size UPC H (cm) L (cm) W (cm) /Case H (cm) L (cm) W (cm) Weight SCC14
15-004 3.78 L 056438150046 28.70 18.80 11.50 4 30.00 38.00 23.70 15.80 40056438150044