Low Odour Paint Thinner

Low Odour Paint Thinner has the same basic properties as paint thinner. It is a petroleum distillate with an evaporation rate similar to turpentine (relatively slow), and is an excellent general purpose solvent.

It is used for thinning oil based paints, cleaning brushes and tools, and degreasing metal parts. It can be used to remove wax from floors (but not on rubber or asphalt tiles).

It is relatively inexpensive, and a little goes a long way. The flash point is higher than 40°C, which makes it one of the safer specialty solvents.

The difference between Recordsol Paint Thinner and Low Odour Paint Thinner is the content of aromatics. Recordsol contains approximately 19% aromatics while Low Odour Paint Thinner contains less than 6%. The absence of a pungent odour makes this product a pleasure to work with.

Product Packaging Specifications


Unit/Case Pack




946 mL/6



13-314 3.78 L/4 056438133148 40056438133146
13-318 18.9 L 056438133186 NA