Varsol* Paint Thinner

Varsol* is a brand name for a high quality and pure paint thinner with a medium to fast evaporation rate. Its moderate odour and low flammability makes it safer to use indoors than other solvents and thinners.

It is an excellent solvent for the following uses:

  • Cleaning and degreasing floors, ceramic tiles and concrete surfaces
  • Thinning oil based paints, varnishes and polyurethanes
  • Cleaning brushes and rollers
  • Automotive cleaning to remove oil and grease
  • Degreasing tools in the workshop

Many leading paint manufacturers rely on Varsol’s* consistent quality.

Product Packaging Specifications


Unit/Case Pack




946 mL/6



13-374 3.78 L/4 056438133742 40056438133740
13-375 9.46 L/2 056438133759 50056438133754
23-379 205 L 056438233794 NA

Varsol* is a registered trademark of Imperial Oil Limited. Recochem Inc. is a licensee.