White Shellac

Shellac produces a smooth, durable film that adheres well to most surfaces. It is non-toxic, complex resin compound derived from the Lac insect. A completely natural product manufactured by an intricate process of separating the Lac resin from the insects, cleaning, refining and drying it to produce the hard, tough shellac.

Shellac is impervious to water and hydrocarbon solvents but can be thinned or dissolved in methyl alcohol. Recochem White Shellac is a “2 lb. cut” which refers to the ratio of two pounds of shellac to one gallon of alcohol.

Natural shellac varies in colour from one crop to another and it is quite normal to have some shellac appearing dark red while others appear honey coloured. Generally, the dark shellacs are less expensive than the lighter varieties. White shellac, which allows natural colours of lighter woods to show, is obtained by chemically bleaching natural shellac.

Main Uses:

  • Wood finishing and furniture polishing
  • White shellac as a sealer for all types of woodwork and porous surfaces
  • Sealing knots in wood before painting
  • For leather, to produce a flexible, water proof and glossy finish


Product Packaging Specifications


Unit/Case Pack




473 mL /12




946 mL /6