Varsol* Paint Thinner

What is the difference between Mineral Spirits and Paint Thinner? What other names is it known by?

Mineral Spirits has fewer aromatic solvents while other similar Products – Paint Thinner, Varsol® Paint Thinner – contain higher concentrations. Both are petroleum distillates and are generally interchangeable.

I can’t notice a difference between the odour of your regular Paint Thinner and your Low Odour Paint Thinner. What is the difference between the two products?

Recordsol Paint Thinner does have a stronger odour than the Low Odour Paint Thinner because of its composition. There are more aromatics present in regular paint thinner which gives a stronger smell. The composition of the Low Odour Paint Thinner has less aromatics, therefore very little odour.

Is Paint Thinner incompatible with some materials, like plastics?

Paint Thinner is safe for use on wood, metals, and concrete and is not recommended for use on some plastics, foam, and coatings (i.e. paint), as it may cause damage. Paint Thinner tends to soften rubber and plastics.

Can I use Paint Thinner indoors? Are the fumes toxic?

Yes. Paint thinner is most often used indoors. Because paint thinner is a volatile material and will evaporate into the air much faster than water, it is recommended that good ventilation – open windows, fans – be maintained while using to prevent buildup of the vapours. To avoid breathing in the fumes, wear a vapour mask. Under normal use and good ventilation, the level of fumes will not be high enough to be toxic. Only if fumes are allowed to concentrate and become excessive can they become harmful. Toxicity is all about degrees and concentrations.

I’m looking for an MSDS for Paint thinner on your website but I get many different records for the same product. Which MSDS do I use?

All MSDS for Paint thinner are the same. The difference is the “Associated Product’s Item Code” number. In general the last number indicates the size of the container of the product. For example, the MSDS for Paint thinner 13-321 is for a 1L bottle; 13-324 is for the 4L Paint thinner. The rest of the information on both MSDSs is identical.

What is Varsol* Paint Thinner, and what can it do?

Varsol* Paint Thinner is the registered trademark of a premium solvent and is guaranteed for its quality. Uses include thinning paints, cleaning surfaces and paintbrushes, and as an all-purpose degreaser. Its medium to fast evaporation rate makes it preferable for indoor use in a well-ventilated area.

What is the difference between Varsol* Paint Thinner and regular Paint Thinner?

Paint Thinner is a “generic” type of thinner, while Varsol* Paint Thinner carries a guarantee of purity. Its consistent quality makes Varsol* Paint Thinner the choice of leading paint manufacturers. Regular paint thinner is usually less expensive than Varsol* Paint Thinner but it can be used for the same applications.

Can I use Varsol* Paint Thinner as a degreaser?

Varsol* Paint Thinner is an excellent degreaser for use on most metals, including automotive and industrial, and as a pre-treatment for gluing.

Can Varsol* Paint Thinner be used to clean furniture?

Yes. Varsol* Paint Thinner, in addition to its many other applications, is safe to use on most wooden surfaces. Because furniture has many different finishes, from antique polishes to modern plastic coatings, it is a good idea to pre-test in a hidden area first.