Water System Antifreeze/Winterizers

Why is the Economical RV Plumbing Antifreeze only safe for plastic pipes? Could one use it on a motor boat for winterizing a cooling system made of metal? Is there a problem with the product being in contact with metal? It does not seem to contain any corrosive ingredient.

Our Economical and Premium products contain the same ingredients, but in different proportions.
The reason for the warning is not because of corrosion issues or incompatibilities with metal, but rather because the Economical product exhibits more physical expansion at -50°C and this could damage metal pipes that are inherently less flexible than plastic pipes.

Can R.V. Plumbing Antifreeze contaminate my well water?

R.V. Plumbing Antifreeze is non-toxic, however it isn’t recommended for use in wells. If some product gets into the well, it isn’t harmful.

I used R. V. Plumbing Antifreeze in my pool line. When I flushed it, the smell of R. V. Plumbing Antifreeze remained. What should I do?

Normal pool opening procedures should remove the smell of the R. V. Plumbing Antifreeze, and if an odour remains, continue the flushing procedure until the smell diminishes. If the odour lingers after the water runs clean, simply open the pool as usual, and the odour will fade. The presence of an odour once the water runs clear does not mean that R.V. Plumbing Antifreeze is still trapped in the lines; it is the plastic in the hoses that absorbs the smell. However, always be sure to flush with copious amount of water.

Can I use a hydrometer to test your R.V. Plumbing Antifreeze product that provides protection to -50°C?

Handheld hydrometers do not give accurate readings. In order to achieve the best protection from our product, first drain the system as much as possible. Pour antifreeze into the fresh water lines through the pressurization system or by removing faucet stems. Add antifreeze until colour is evident at drain points. Have a mechanic test the ratio if necessary.

Can R.V. Plumbing Antifreeze be used as a thermal fluid/heat transfer fluid?

Do not confuse this product with radiator antifreeze/coolant. Never use R.V. Plumbing Antifreeze as a heat transfer medium. R.V. Plumbing Antifreeze can be used to protect heat transfer pipes from freezing when not in use, but pipes must be flushed thoroughly before using.