Industrial Products

The Industrial Division of Recochem manufactures and exports the following chemicals throughout the world.


Some Major Applications of Naphthalene:

  • Naphthalene – moth repellant
  • Phthalic Anhydride – plasticizers
  • Beta Naphthol – dye intermediates
  • Alpha Naphthol – Carbaryl (insecticides)
  • Di-isopropyl Naphthalene – carbonless paper solvent
  • Alkyl Naphthalene Sulphonates – surfactants, concrete, disperants, and superplasticizers

Naphthalene grades:

  • Highly Refined Naphthalene-RF II – Melting point 79.9°C min.
  • Refined Naphthalene-RF I – Melting point 79.6°C min.
  • Crude Naphthalene-CR I – Melting point 77.5°C min.
  • Crude Naphthalene-CR II – Melting point 78.5°C min.
  • Crude Naphthalene-CR III – Melting point 79.3°C min.


  • White crystallized solid flakes are pressed into blocks of varying sizes.
  • For consumer use as deodorizers or for moth repellants

Other products:

We have access to a wide variety of sources of dichlorobenzenes and monochlorobenzenes from around the world.

Through our international network, we can supply numerous other products, ingredients, and additives, that are used in both industrial and consumer applications. Please contact us for more information.