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Got a DIY project? ...Get Solvable!

Recochem launches a new brand of Solvents in Canada  

Recochem is introducing the new Solvable brand of products to the Canadian market this fall season. The product line focuses on taking the guesswork out of solvents by increasing brand awareness for consumers, contractors and even hardware store-staff.

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The new HD Expert line-up of engine antifreeze/coolant was introduced to the U.S. and Canadian markets in the first quarter 2018. Further expansion to global markets will follow! The strategic messaging of a Professional Heavy Duty Antifreeze/Coolant line with ONE FOCUS, offers products that get the job done – on & off road. Our specialized formulas are made for the hardest working heavy duty engines on earth.

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Expanding into bulk distribution in Canada!

Recochem is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ultraclear Bulk Fluids effective October 1, 2017.

Ultraclear is the leading National Blender/Distributor of bulk Windshield Wash and Coolant to automotive and trucking fleets, dealerships and service centers in Canada. With a fleet of 52 trucks and a strong staff of drivers, equipment installers and head-office staff in Markham, Ontario, Ultraclear sells into channels that complement those called upon by Recochem.

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Recochem revamps its OEM brand of engine coolant in North America!

The new OEM brand of OE colour specific antifreeze/coolant was introduced to the US market at the 2016 AAPEX show in November, and will be available at a national Canadian retailer in 2017. The strategic messaging of coloured OE specific anti-freeze/coolant offers the “EasyMatch” tagline and a personalized approach to help consumers match to their vehicle’s coolant needs.

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Recochem launches HD Diesel coolants for high-heat engines

Recochem is expanding its Turbo Power heavy duty diesel antifreeze/coolant line with advanced formulas to service the newer fleet engines being developed to meet efficiency requirements. These next-generation radiators are smaller, lighter and run at higher temperatures so they require extended life coolants with robust capabilities and ‘above the rest’ performance!

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Zip-Strip Premium Paint & Finish Remover moves to Recochem Inc.

Montreal, Quebec – Recochem Inc. has purchased the Zip-Strip line of products from Absolute Coatings, Inc. of New Rochelle, NY and will be blending, packaging and distributing the line commencing January 6, 2014. Absolute Coatings and Recochem enjoy a long-standing business through which Recochem has provided manufacturing capabilities to Absolute.

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