STP® Fuel Stabilizer + Water Remover

STP® Fuel Stabilizer + Water Remover is designed to prevent fuel degradation and gum formation in the fuel system during extended storage for easy start-up. It suspends and dispenses water condensation and helps to prevent corrosion and rust, keeping the fuel system clean.

This product is ideal for use in both 2- or 4- cycle gasoline engines and is suitable for year round use in all ethanol blended fuel (E10-E85) and marine applications to protect against phase separation of fuel.

Performance Features & Benefits:

  • Prevents fuel line freeze, gum formation & fuel degradation
  • Fights corrosion and rust to keep the fuel system clean
  • Promotes easy start-up after storage
  • Suitable for ethanol blended fuel
Item # Size Units/Case UPC SCC14
55-690STP 473 mL 12 059934904755 10059934904752
55-691STP 946 mL 6 059934904762 60059934904764
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