Denatured Ethanol Based

As a contractor for residential geothermal heat transfer systems, your clients demand guaranteed quality, maintenance and minimal operating costs. Your job is to prescribe the right fluid that protects the client’s system, provides top performance and peace of mind for everyone.

While there is no single fluid known to have top performance in all criteria desired, Recochem produces more than one type of GEO-FLOTM fluid for closed loop systems to give you options to better meet your client’s needs. Compared to water, both offer improved performance in geothermal applications, as they provide lower freeze point, superior corrosion and burst protection.

Recochem offers GEO-FLOTM ALL , an ethanol based geothermal heat transfer fluid made from renewable resources and designed for optimum heat transfer in all geothermal systems. GEO-FLOTM ALL is a ready to install fluid requiring no on-site mixing and meets fluid requirements outlined in Canadian Standards Association (CSA) C448 Design & Installation of Earth Energy Systems.

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