GEO-FLO™ Geothermal Fluids

GEO-FLOTM SAFE (Propylene Glycol based)

  • Non-flammable for improved safety; safe to handle, install and transport
  • Low viscosity and good heat efficiency

GEO-FLOTM ALL (Denatured Ethanol based)

  • Made from renewable resources; readily biodegradable
  • Very low in acute oral toxicity

Recochem’s geothermal fluids are ready-to-use and formulated with high quality demineralized water to ensure quality performance throughout the system’s service life. GEO-FLOTM SAFE and GEO-FLOTM ALL include specially formulated inhibitor packages that help prevent unit corrosion and fluid degradation. Both geothermal fluids provide excellent freeze protection to ensure system operation in Canadian climates.

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For more information about GEO-FLOTM fluid and your local distributor, call:

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Montreal: 514-341-3550 ext. 2331
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