HD EXPERT ENDURANCE Antifreeze/Coolant

Offering the longest service life possible, Endurance is ideal for the newer cooling systems in on-road, long haul, cross country applications.


  • Recommended for use in modern heavy duty diesel and natural gas applications
  • Specially-blended organic acid technology (OAT) corrosion inhibitor package
  • Free of the additives 2-EHA and Silicate
  • Protects metals including aluminium
  • Protects against wet sleeve liner cavitation pitting
  • Does not require the addition of SCA or Coolant Extenders
  • Maximum Service Life up to 1,600,000 km/1,000,000 miles, 20,000 hours or 8 years

ENDURANCE coolant contains unique OAT corrosion inhibitors grouped into a package called ProShield. These additives give the coolant an ultra-long service life of up to a million miles. They also provide advanced engine protection.

OEM approved and offering the longest service life possible, Endurance is ideal for newer cooling systems in any on and off-road application.

*OEM Approved: Endurance now carries multiple formal OEM approvals including Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Mercedes Benz, Daimler, MAN, MTU, Navistar International and Deutz. This extensive approval listing ensures wide application breath, and peace of mind for any HD applications including where high heat and aluminum protection is required. Suitable for use in all on-road and off-road vehicles requiring a coolant that does not contain Nitrite, Amine, Phosphate and Silicate (NAPS free).