PARA-ZENE Fresh-o-bowl® deodorizers offer an inexpensive and effective method of odour control in toilet bowls and garbage cans. Packed in easy to remove cellophane, they are ready to use with a built-in plastic hanger.

Each deodorizer block is 99% pure Paradichlorobenzene with an added fragrance to mask offensive odours.

Fresh-o-bowl® offers the same powerful deodorizing strength as those used in institutions and public facilities. It is a proven seller, performing as well as comparable competitive brands for over twenty years.

Whether pegged on a clip strip or displayed on the shelf, Fresh-o-bowl® sells best when positioned near toilet tissue and other bathroom products or near garbage bags and containers.


Item# Size Case Pack UPC SCC14
11-511S-30 85 g 30 056438905097 10056438905094