PARA-ZENE® Moth Balls

The Recochem line of moth preventatives has an excellent reputation for eliminating insect damage to clothes and other stored items. All the products are reliable sellers that move quickly in spring and autumn.

Our Moth Balls have been converted from Naphthalene to Paradichlorobenzene products. Now 99% pure Paradichlorobenze, the moth killing power is twice as effective as the traditional naphthalene product. As the paradichlorobenzene evaporates it creates a vapour that kills moth larvae and carpet beetles. It will not stain clothes and removing the distinctive odour is easy — just air garments outdoors.

The moth balls are a consumer favourite, because they are a traditional and inexpensive method of moth prevention.

Product Packaging Specifications

Item# Unit/Case Pack UPC SCC14
10-801 90g / 48 056438108016 30056438108017
10-802 170g / 8 056438108023 80056438108029
10-803 340g / 6 056438108030


PARA-ZENE® is a registered trademark of Recochem’s Paradichlorobenzene.