Clear Kerosene

Recochem’s Clear Kerosene is a top quality, triple-filtered fuel that can be burned without the fear of fumes and it is low in sulphur content.

Clear Kerosene is the ideal fuel for catalytic stoves and kerosene heaters as it meets all of the specifications required by the manufacturers. It burns with little smoke or scent and is ideal for use in wick lanterns, low odour heaters and mechanically adjustable wick feeding oil lamps.

Kerosene is the perfect product to have on hand for emergencies and power outages.

NOTE: Keep away from open flames or sparks when filling oil lamps and heater reservoirs.

Product Packaging Specifications


Unit/Case Pack




3.78 L / 4




9.46 L / 2




18.9 L




Kerosene 1-K Specifications

Property Specification Typical Value  ASTM – Test Method
Colour, Saybolt +30 +30 D156 Modified
IBP ºC (ºF)
Dry Point ºC (ºF)

151.6 (305) min.
204.4 (400) max.

168.3 (137)
185.0 (383)

D86 Modified
Flash Point ºC (ºF) T.C.C. 40.0 (104) min 43.3 (110) D56 Modified
Total Sulfur (mg/Kg) 1000 max. < 1 D3120
Specific Gravity @ 15.6 ºC / 15.6 ºC 0.770 min. – 0.820 max. 0.780 D1298
Appearance Bright & Clear B & C D4176
Aromatics Contents (vol. %) 14 min. – 22 max. 18.4 D166
Aniline Point (ºC) 50 – 57 54 D611

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