Power Steering Fluid

Recochem Power Steering Fluid is a premium quality lubricant formulated to satisfy the performance requirements of most North American cars. It meets or exceeds technical specifications GM9985010, DaimlerChrysler MS5931 and Ford ESW M2C128D providing:

  • Excellent wear protection
  • Seal and hose compatibility
  • Low temperature fluidity and lubricity

These properties are necessary to prevent pump, valve and cylinder wear at temperatures that can exceed 135°C at pressures above 8000kPa. The components are selected to avoid swelling, shearing, wearing and cracking of seals and hoses, while additives are included to control oxidation, deposit formation and foaming.

Recochem Power Steering Fluid flows at the lowest expected ambient temperatures with minimum drag while developing the required pressure without excessive slip at the highest operating temperatures encountered.

Always check the vehicle owner’s manual before use. 

Item# Size / Case Pack UPC SCC14


946 mL/6 056438158813 60056438158815
15-883 350 mL/12 056438158837 10056438158834


Density, 15°C, kg/m³ 870
Viscosity, mm2/s: 40°C 100°C 39, 7.8
Viscosity index >160
Pour point, °C <-40

Please refer to the Recochem SDS for further information.

Recochem Power Steering Fluid is manufactured from the highest quality petroleum base stocks and carefully blended with selected additives.
The product should be handled with care and contact with skin should be avoided. Pour carefully to avoid splashing in eyes.