SPRAYER WINTERIZER for farm equipment

Winterizing your farm equipment, including the sprayer, before the cold weather arrives is important because proper cleaning, maintenance and storage help to increase the reliability and performance of your equipment.

TURBO POWER Sprayer Winterizer is a premium treatment that helps to prepare the sprayer for the cold so that when spring arrives, start-up time is faster. It also aids in extending the life of the equipment.

  • Non-toxic
  • Superior winterizing treatment – Provides burst protection to -50°C
  • Safe for plastic & metal pipes
  • Ready to use – no diluting needed

Winterizing sprayers include cleaning, checking all the parts and storing the sprayer to prevent freeze damage.

1. Cleaning the sprayer helps get rid of dirt, grime and chemical residue. Ensure there is no water left in the lines and drains after cleaning because it will cause the product to expand and damage the piping system. Check for leaks and repair them before storing.

2. Pour Sprayer Winterizer into the sprayer and pressurize the system. (Use at room temperature)

3. Add antifreeze until colour is seen at the sprayer nozzles.

This product is not designed as a heat transfer fluid for closed loop systems or as antifreeze for internal combustion engines.

Product Packaging Specifications


Unit/Case Pack




9.46 L /2