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Coolant University Launches with 10 New Video Courses!

Welcome to Coolant University, where you can reach a higher degree of knowledge about engine coolants!

Coolant University is NEW from Recochem!

Coolant University is a new video series sponsored by Recochem that helps you become a coolant solutions expert. From basics to formulation to global manufacturing, CoolantU is your guide to selection, technologies, and best practices.

The educational video series is on a new website, providing easy access to the entire curriculum. The series is organized into three learning tracks:

  1. Coolant Basics- 4 videos that introduce you to the essentials of engine coolant selection, formulation and technology
  2. Light-Duty Coolant- 3 videos focused on the unique demands of light-duty vehicles
  3. Heavy Duty Coolant- 3 videos containing application-oriented information for both on-road and off-highway heavy duty equipment

CoolantU videos are translated into three languages: English, French, and Spanish. It’s our way of making them accessible to everyone. Best of all, Coolant University is FREE.