Recochem celebrates 65 years

From a small company founded in 1951 to a global leader today, Recochem continues to be successful because of our commitment and experienced team – worldwide. View our Story.

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  • Automotive Coolants & Antifreeze

    Automotive Coolants & Antifreeze

    Recochem formulates and produces antifreeze coolants for all makes and models of vehicles on the road… From cars to light duty trucks – old or…
  • Heavy Duty Coolants & Antifreeze

    Heavy Duty Coolants & Antifreeze

    Our team produces Heavy Duty (HD) engine coolants with advanced technologies that have been approved for maintaining the most sophisticated commercial and transport equipment. From…
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

    Recochem’s Blue Network provides a complete support of DEF solutions... Blue Network maintains quality DEF liquid, equipment and storage & dispensing solutions throughout the supply…
  • Performance Chemicals & Fuel Additives

    Performance Chemicals & Fuel Additives

    Vehicle engine maintenance is vital to improving fuel economy and mileage… Recochem’s performance chemicals and fuel additives help to provide premium engine protection while simplifying…
  • Windshield Wash

    Windshield Wash

    We’ve designed a multitude of windshield washer fluids to perform in any weather condition... Our winter formulas provide excellent grime, salt & snow cleaning performance…
  • Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

    Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

    RECOTUFFTM cleaners & degreasers for the industrial segment. Recochem is increasing its formulated products offering targeted to industrial cleaning and degreasing needs with a new…
  • Solvents & Cleaners

    Solvents & Cleaners

    Recochem formulates solvents, furniture strippers, cleaners and degreasers for consumer (household), commercial and industrial uses. A proprietary co-extruded high density polyethylene bottle is used for…
  • Outdoor Products

    Outdoor Products

    Seasonal products that fuel ‘outdoor living’… From deck care treatments and camping fuels to plumbing antifreezes and pressure washer fluids, Recochem specializes in formulating solutions…
  • Indoor Products

    Indoor Products

    Recochem produces myriad indoor products ranging from lamp oils and fireplace/ cooking fuels to deodorizers, moth preventatives and Epsom salts to help maintain a desired…
  • Heat Transfer Fluids

    Heat Transfer Fluids

    Protection. Performance. Peace of mind... Recochem serves the industrial/ commercial and residential markets with fluids for cooling or heating applications, radiant tube heating or ice…
  • Licensed Brands

    Licensed Brands

    Recochem’s brand licensing portfolio adds value to our product mix and provides channel differentiation. Recochem combines excellent technology, unparalleled distribution with top tier brands in…