Securing Your Journey

Sustainability Vision


Whatever continent we operate from, we believe we are citizens of that community and adhere to the strictest industry safety regulations.

Recochem Inc. has produced and packaged chemicals for over 70 years. We are extremely conscious of both the benefits and the risks which these chemicals carry, and we try to design procedures to manufacture, store, package, label and distribute these products in a manner that reduces the risks without minimizing the benefits.

As new technologies, new information and new regulations emerge, we continuously adapt so that our commitment to environmental and health concerns will keep us ahead of public expectations.

  • We resolve to manage chemical products in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of people.
  • We resolve to continuously evaluate raw materials and end products with the goal of reducing risks to people and the environment, while still maintaining the effectiveness of the product.
  • We resolve to continue to reduce our packaging and materials used to minimize generation of waste, both during production and through the life of the product.
  • We resolve to increase our use of recycled materials to the optimum that is technically feasible without sacrificing the integrity of our products and containers.
  • We resolve to transport and present our products in a manner that reduces risk throughout the chain to the end users.