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From initial design to delivery, Recochem’s capabilities and production capacity can custom fit solutions to any customer’s needs.


With our long established distribution partnerships across the world, Recochem can produce custom designed solutions to meet a variety of industrial and commercial needs. We know that the right solution requires the right product at the right place and the right time. Our supply chain and fulfilment experts develop optimized distribution with exceptionally high fill rates. Seasonal and market knowledge developed over decades of experience form the basis for predictive inventory levels.

For selected products we maintain our own fleets, providing bulk shipment of functional fluids into onsite tanks at customer locations. Full pallet shipments of packaged products are produced on automated equipment, providing exceptional capacity with extraordinary value. We ship by sea tanker, iso-tanks, railcar, trucker tanks, totes, drums, pails and assorted HDPE and PET packages.

From big-box retail chains to original equipment manufacturers to high-volume online retailers, Recochem delivers the solutions that drive success.

Product Development

Recochem produces custom formulations to meet the demands of the transportation, household and industrial customers we serve. Using a continuous improvement approach, our R&D scientists continually explore new technologies and ingredients that deliver better results.

Between the constantly evolving needs of our customers and our own deep understanding of the marketplace, Recochem’s scientists work with customer service teams to always look ahead in developing the products of tomorrow. Our goal is simple: improve the lives of our customers anywhere we do business.


Recochem’s global manufacturing and warehouse facilities are designed to maximize efficiencies while meeting and exceeding industry standards to both ISO 9001: 2000 and the Global Automotive Quality Standard TS16949 for safe storage of dangerous goods. 

Each site is optimized for specialized formulation capabilities with solvent, coolant and chemical tank farms and warehousing with ready access to significant off site bulk facilities providing flexible and efficient material handling. Raw materials delivery by rail and tanker trucks are efficiently offloaded using sophisticated pumping systems.

Supported by in depth product knowledge, laboratory expertise and experience in regulatory issues, Recochem’s strength is in its ability to source, blend, fill, pack and distribute quickly and efficiently.


The biggest and boldest names across global markets trust their brands to us. With a custom design, “consumer-first” ethos, we offer our clients a wide range of packaging vessels to meet their needs.

Automated systems provide for extensive volume capacity, with master-pack configurations that align with store planograms and conform to distribution center requirements. We fully support the process by partnering with industrial experts to ensure these solutions are ‘fit for purpose’, easy to use and regulatory compliant in every market around the globe.

Our packaging capabilities make us more than an industry leader— we tailor our services to exceed our customer’s needs from design to delivery.

Blow Moulding

The ownership of the specialized blow moulding in our global facilities provides vertical integration of bottle supply for Recochem products to a wider consumer base. From design to labeling, customers can design their own bottles, labels and chamber packs to high specifications, while meeting requirements for dangerous goods approval.

Our extensive research into consumer preferences revealed that consumers feel it’s easier and more efficient to pour from a bottle that’s turned on its side, especially when dispensing from one of our high-density polyethylene bottles. To address this finding, the blow moulding experts at Recochem added ergonomic finger grooves and the term “easy side pour” to guide the consumer to the best user experience possible. Recochem avoids the high cost of steel cans through its patented HDPE bottles

Recochem also invests heavily to evaluate the effects of antifreeze and solvents on plastic containers, partnering with industry leaders to test top load and drop test tolerances as well as stress crack resistance from environmental factors. The bottles are then field tested with cross country shipments to prove their integrity and durability.

Private Label

If you are in search of top-of-the-line private labeling filling for transportation products including automotive and heavy duty coolants, washer fluids or household fluids, Recochem can custom design a solution. Our blow moulding capabilities for different bottle sizes, and our in-house graphic design and regulations team will help bring your packaging vision to life and ensure regulatory compliance.

As one of only five ASTM certified testing laboratories in North America, coupled with our expertise in coolant formulations, we can supply the following technologies to a global Coolant/AF market:

  • Traditional
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extended Life OAT
  • Diesel Extended Life
  • Extended Life Global
  • All Makes, All Models
  • O.E. Specific
  • Colour Changing
  • Low Glycol / Water Based
  • Electric vehicle Coolant

Recochem’s team is dedicated to supporting your needs whether you are a global, national or regional distributor of transportation products. Our size and scalability allows us to purchase glycol and other raw materials at highly competitive rates and distribute widely throughout the world.