Securing Your Journey

Our History

Over 70 Years of Continued Success Worldwide

Founded by Joseph Kuchar in 1951 in Montreal, Recochem has grown into a multi-national, privately held company laser focused on aggressive market penetration and a diverse, global distribution capability.

With a commitment to innovation, flexibility, strong growth and socially responsible business ethics, Recochem has achieved worldwide recognition and appreciation from major retailers and customers around the world. These values have allowed Recochem to forge robust relationships with suppliers on every continent we do business on.

With product capabilities across the globe, Recochem operates plants in Canada, USA, Belgium, Australia, China, India, Asia Pacific, Africa, Gulf, and Europe with proficiencies in ASTM testing and expert technical support throughout these regions. Every Recochem facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, so our customers are assured consistent quality and ‘on-spec’ identical products—no matter where orders originate around the world.