Low odour Varsol™ paint thinner

Safe on most surfaces** 

  • Best for Working Indoors or Enclosed Areas.
  • Easier Paint Clean-up
  • Fast degreasing & spot-cleaning
  • Smoother application of oil-based paints, varnish & stains
  • Premium Quality

Use low odour VarsolTM paint thinner for indoor enclosed areas or outdoors to remove & clean tough stains, grease, grime, dried paint, sap, crayon, wax, glue, sticky residue & more.

Product Packaging Specifications

Item# Unit/Case Pack UPC SCC14
53-471 946 mL/6 056438534716 60056438534718
53-474 3.78 L/4 056438534747



Varsol is a registered trademark of Imperial Oil Limited. Recochem Inc. is a licensee.