Category Management

Recochem’s Category Management Team manages your product mix so you can concentrate on growing your business.

CMT manages your inventory to ’ramp up’ going into season and ‘ramp down’ going out of season to prevent product shortage and lost sales.

Recochem’s full time dedicated in-house Category Management Team strategically plans with you to create a profitable product plan while minimizing constraints associated with marketing multiple products.



Whether it’s a private label or national brand, Recochem’s CMT strives to create a unique selling proposition for your products. This program is proven to boost fill rates and on-time delivery.


Pricing Dynamics

Recochem’s CMT assists you with the proper positioning of your products on the shelf during the season and during key promotional periods—securing you stock availability at key selling times for increased double digit sales. Key areas of insight are:

  • Pricing opportunities for the brand
  • Proportion of volume to be sold on promotion
  • Incremental sales volume of promotional sales
  • Seasonality impact


Competitive Analysis

Recochem’s CMT has extensive experience in monitoring and analyzing the marketplace. We can share:

  • Trends
  • Brand performance ratings
  • Private label relevance
  • Influence of leveraging brands
  • Complementary or cross product category opportunities
  • Price recommendations


Promotion Effectiveness & Efficiency

Understanding the value and return on promotional spending is imperative. Marginal gains in efficiency will lead to a significant impact on the bottom line. Recochem’s CMT track promotions and examine various issues in building a successful promotion:

  • Program history
  • Appropriate promotional timing and duration
  • Competitive response
  • Impact to category growth
  • Optimizing promotions for growth
  • Did sales lift during the promotional period?
  • How responsive are consumers to promotions?
  • Strategically planning funds to support the promotion
  • Calculating ROI


Understanding the Consumer

Understanding the profile of consumers and how they match against a category’s demographics will make for smarter category marketing.

Recochem’s CMT examine various aspects of consumer spending, loyal store shoppers’ expectations and what motivates consumers to purchase a brand. What drives consumers to make their decisions and how they feel about their choices on brand?


Market Dynamics

Recochem’s CMT evaluates the performance of each product category and the brands within it. Key areas of insight are:

  • Category growth or decline
  • Impact of weather trends on stocking requirements
  • Percent of households that buy a category or brand
  • Pricing trends across brands
  • Opportunities for growth