Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Professionals

At Recochem, we provide private label filling for all our automotive products including coolants, washer fluids, gas line antifreeze, brake and power steering fluids. We have blowmoulding capabilities for different bottle sizes, and our in-house graphic design and regulations team will work with you to design your packaging and ensure regulatory compliance.

With our expertise in engine coolants and one of only five ASTM certified testing laboratories in North America, we can supply the following technologies to a global market:

  • Traditional
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extended Life OAT
  • Diesel Extended Life
  • Extended Life Global
  • All Makes, All Models
  • O.E. Specific
  • Colour Changing
  • Low Glycol / Water Based
  • Electric vehicle Coolant

Whether you are a national or regional distributor of automotive products, Recochem will support your needs. We can purchase glycol and other raw materials competitively, and we have a wide distribution network in North America.