Private Label Manufacturing

Private Label Professionals

At Recochem, we provide private label filling for all our automotive products including coolants, washer fluids, gas line antifreeze, brake and power steering fluids. We have blowmoulding capabilities for different bottle sizes, and our in-house graphic design and regulations team will work with you to design your packaging and ensure regulatory compliance.

With our expertise in engine coolants and one of only seven ASTM certified testing laboratories in North America, we can supply the following technologies to a global market:

  • Traditional
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extended Life OAT
  • Diesel Extended Life
  • Extended Life Global
  • All Makes, All Models
  • Colour Changing
  • Low Glycol / Water Based

Whether you are a national or regional distributor of automotive products, Recochem will support your needs. We can purchase glycol and other raw materials competitively, and we have a wide distribution network in North America.

Drive customer loyalty with your own brand name

Provide quality products at value prices using your strong, visible brand. We have a high level of understanding of the North American marketplace, and the global trends within the industries for which we produce. We can help you build the brand recognition that you want.

Compete effectively with national brands

Trends show increasing demand and acceptance of private labeled products – Research indicates nearly 70% agree that private label products are as good, if not better, than national brands*. Middle and higher income consumers are more likely than low income shoppers to increase their purchases of private label products*

Expand your brand presence with a line up of products bearing your name, your brand. Recochem formulates and tests a wide variety of products with expertise and care. You can ensure consistent quality and reliable supply by purchasing multiple products from one supplier — Recochem.

*Based on independent consumer research conducted by Ipsos MORI market research firm in 2006 for the Private Label Manufacturers Association

Drive growth and profitability with privately labeled products

Private label products are more profitable than national branded products. Recochem works with you to provide custom formulating and packaging solutions. We take pride in our innovation and creativity that meet the changing needs of our market. We assist in integrating our current items into our customers’ product lines and developing new custom products. We can support and promote your company and brand with a minimum run — it‘s that easy!

Differentiate your company and your products

Private label brands promote customer loyalty. Recochem can help you design a product label that promotes your company and your products to allow you to stand out from your competition.

Control your brand image

Design the image that represents you and your customers. Our regulatory affairs department and in-house graphic design team will work with you to design the most attractive and cost effective packaging possible that meets all regulations and appeals to consumers. We can provide concepts to sell your products or work with your ideas to bring them to life.

Let someone else do the work

Customers rely on Recochem manufactured products, expert technical support and quick response time. Recochem has been providing private label services for years and can support your business with the quality, reliability and service you require, whether it is high technology product, after sale service or marketing communications.

Recochem Inc. manufactures, packages and distributes a range of automotive fluids to retail and OEM markets around the world. Privately owned with over fifty-five years of experience, each of our ISO 9001 certified plants feature a unique, vertically integrated process. We blowmould bottles, fill, label and ship seven days a week and 24 hours per day, providing our customers with quality, flexibility and great value.