Chain Saw Oil - SUPER TACK

Recochem Chain Saw Oils are specially blended in Winter, All Season and Heavy grades to perform in a variety of severe operating conditions. They are also coloured red to avoid confusion with power head engine oil.

Recochem Chain Saw Oils are formulated with special additives to achieve the following characteristics:

  • better ability to resist throw off
  • good resistance to chain corrosion
  • increased chain life
  • better metal surface coverage and protection



      Winter All Season Heavy
    Colour Red Red Red
    Viscosity SUS 40°C (104°F) 325 max. 300-450 400 min.
    Pour Point °C (°F) -35 (-31) -20 (-4) -20 (-4)
    Flash Point °C (°F) 220 (428) 220 (428) 200 (392)
    Consistency Adhesive Adhesive Adhesive

NOTE: For best results, pre-soak a new chain in light chain saw oil overnight. For longer chain life, clean in Recordsol Paint Thinner or other mineral spirits from time to time and soak in oil, as this will remove accumulated dirt deposits.

Product Packaging Specifications


Unit/Case Pack



All Season 84-304

1 US Gal /4 056438843047 40056438843045